Product SPE-GRK

Sertifikat Pengurangan Emisi - Gas Rumah Kaca (SPE-GRK), commonly known as Carbon Credit, is a letter of emission reduction certificate owned by an entity that has completed Measuring, Reporting, and Verification phase, and registered in National Registry System for Climate Change Control in the form of a registry number. Companies can buy carbon credit to meet emission reduction targets or fulfil commitments in carbon neutral or net-zero emissions.

SPE-GRK can be traded per project through an Auction, Marketplace, or Negotiation mechanism, where buyer/seller can buy and sell certain SPE-GRK through the Carbon Exchange. SPE-GRK can also be traded as a standardized group of project in the Regular Market. Every SPE-GRK in IDX Carbon will be classified into a certain standardized product. The details of purchased project will be given to the buyer after the transaction is made.

Details can be seen in The Circular on Standarization of Grouping of Carbon Units.

SPE-GRK Carbon Unit Grouping Series Standard

List of Series