Terms of Use

1. IDXCarbon Website ("Website") Access

  • By accessing the Website, the user is deemed to have understood and agreed to all Trms of Use that apply to the use of the Website and is responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Users are prohibited from using or disseminating information and/or data obtained from the Website to other parties for commercial purposes without prior written permission from IDXCarbon and/or the original owner of the information and/or data. "Information and/or data" in these Terms of Use means all information contained in this Website including but not limited to logos, personal information, products, regulations, news, announcements, and trading data.
  • The use of information and/or data including quoting information and/or data not for commercial purposes is allowed by mentioning the source in full along with the user's access date when quoting the Information and/or data on the Website and is not allowed to use the web scraping/crawling method.

2. Information and Data on the Website

The information and data displayed on the Website is intended solely as a means of disseminating information related to IDXCarbon including but not limited to information about IDXCarbon trading.

3. Carbon Exchange Trading Hyperlink (Log In)

The Website will direct user to enter the carbon trading system when accessing the "Log In" page if the user is interested in making carbon trading transactions. To do transaction on carbon trading, users are required to own access by submitting personal identification and authentication data.

4. Use of IDXCarbon Marks and Logos

  • The term "IDXCarbon" as well as the IDXCarbon logo are trademark, trade name, and service mark of IDXCarbon or Indonesia Carbon Exchange which are protected by law in the Republic of Indonesia and therefore, the use of IDXCarbon trademark, service mark, and/or logo for commercial purposes must be with prior written permission of IDXCarbon.
  • All other trademarks, service marks, and logos listed on the Website that are not owned by, licensed, or controlled by IDXCarbon are used only for editorial purposes and without the intent of infringement of such trademarks, service marks, and logos.

5. Virus Protection

One of the impacts of the development of information technology is the emergence of new computer viruses on the Internet. IDXCarbon warns the user about the danger posed by the virus to the user's system. It is the user's responsibility to detect all materials downloaded from the Internet. IDXCarbon is not responsible in any form for any harm or damage caused by the virus.

6. Disclaimer

  • IDXCarbon may make changes to the information or data on the Website and revise the Website’s Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. Therefore, it is expected that users follow its development regularly.

Because there is a possibility of errors, delays, interruptions in the process of distributing information through the Website or unavailability of access to the information on the Website caused by human, technical, or other factors, IDXCarbon does not guarantee that access and use of the Website will not be interrupted and henceforth, IDXCarbon is not responsible in any form for the consequences of errors, delays, and interruptions.